Michelle Kwan Answering My Question On U.S. Figure Skating's Google Hangout

So yeah... mind = blown! I now know how those teenage girls who used to scream until they were blue in the face felt when Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys looked at them. Well, maybe I'm not fangirling THAT much, but I am still beyond thrilled to have had chance to have my interview question answered by 9 time U.S. Champion and 5 time World Champion Michelle Kwan in this U.S. Figure Skating Google Hangout! I've interviewed (and met) by fair share of famous figure skaters. Meeting Brian Orser and Jamie Sale was amazing... interviewing one of MY skating idols Anita Hartshorn was a dream... but this made my day/week/year! Forever immortalized on Skate Guard (it's at 7:47):

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