U.S. Figure Skating celebrates its centennial anniversary this year and it has been my absolute pleasure to contribute a series of articles and timelines to "Skating" magazine honouring America's rich skating history. Whether you're curious about the Ice Capades, skating during World War II or the careers of great skaters like Peggy Fleming and Janet Lynn, "Skating" has you covered! Be sure to carve out some time to check out U.S. Figure Skating's Timeline as well for more interesting skating history.

If you enjoyed the first three full-length Skate Guard features on Belita Jepson-Turner and skating during The Great War and The Edwardian Era, you might like reading the fourth feature, "The Almanac Of Professional Figure Skating Competitions". The feature explores the long and storied history of professional figure skating competitions, from the Victorian era to modern day. Through interesting historical tidbits, photographs and videos, this feature challenges the modern perception that professional competitions were only a thing of the nineties. It also includes the most complete record of the results from professional competitions ever published. Skate Guard's fifth feature is well underway and will be released in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates about this project!

As you may know, Skate Guard has always been an 100% free resource. Donations of materials like old skating magazines, photographs, show and competition programs and videos are currently on pause but will be welcomed again later in the year.

Take care, stay safe and happy reading!